Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Max Scent Soy Candles' One World ~ One Heart Soy Tart Giveaway is Officially Closed

Thank you so much to all who entered my OWOH Drawing to win 8 Free Scented Soy Tarts. Comments to this Giveaway post were closed at 11:00pm EST on 2/10/09. And Max, the 5-year-old C.E.O. of Max Scent Soy Candles, will be drawing the winner & announcing it on this Blog at 2:00pm EST on 2/12/09.

I gotta tell you... I only just started my blog 8 days ago after I saw the OWOH website & decided that I wanted to be part of it. I hadn't even looked up the definition of "Blog", but I just jumped in because OWOH seemed like such a magical event. So you can imagine my utter surprise & delight to find that 230 people from here, there & everywhere came to visit Max Scent Soy Candles since I started my blog.
When I first looked at the One World ~ One Heart 2009 Worldwide Event, I got the impression that it was only for talented "real" artists who blog. I wasn't sure that I, a humble soy chandler & crafter, qualified to be part of this inspiring worldwide event. I mean, I can't even draw a circle! That's why I express my creativity through my candle creations.

92 Bloggers left comments within the first 24 hours, & I figured people were just whipping through all 911 OWOH participants, leaving comments at each to win a Free Giveaway. But then I started to read those comments, & my heart was filled with joy. Strangers welcoming me to the online community, complimenting my candle creations & sharing their passions.

I'm following some of you & loving ALL of you. Thanks again for welcoming me into your wonderful worldwide community. I feel like I just went to my first Block Party in the WORLD'S GREATEST NEIGHBORHOOD!


Anonymous said...

Hi ellen. Guess what!?
You won my giveaway. You lucky thing. =)

Please stop by my blog to read about it and get in touch with me to claim your prize.

Happy OWOH.

Latharia said...

Isn't it just a wonderful thing to be part of? I am glad you had such a great experience & hope you'll visit my blog sometime soon! :D

Terri said...

Hi! I was coming back to revist blogs. And to see what new things you have posted. Have fun with your new blog!!!