Sunday, February 1, 2009

Oh Good... You're Here! Welcome to Max Scent Soy Candles

Hi, my name is Ellen, but generally I'm called "Max's Mommy". I've been creating and selling my highly-scented custom soy candles at local craft fairs and on other online venues for over a year. But since losing my job in July, I've put all of my efforts into making Max Scent Soy Candles the BEST, most customer-oriented online custom soy candle shop in the world. Let me share a little about myself...

We're called "Max Scent Soy Candles" not only because I use the highest quality, uncut fragrance oils. But because my 5-year-old son, MAX, helps me make them! Max & I hand-pour every candle with love and pride. (He mostly pours the tarts). Our goal is to create a unique, personalized scented soy candle that you LOVE and can AFFORD.

I started this business because I was tired of having my favorite fragrances discontinued from the large, overpriced candle companies (Yes, Yankee & Pier 1, I'm talking about YOU). I was tired of the Black SOOT and junk that covered my jar rims and walls. And I was REALLY tired of paying SO MUCH for highly-scented candles.

I hand-pour every natural soy candle with love and pride, using only the highest-quality, uncut fragrance oils. So the scent stays until the last drop. And I make my highly-scented quality candles AFFORDABLE so everyone can enjoy them.

My Soy candles:
o Are 100% natural and 100% non-toxic
o Produce almost no Black Soot
o Are made from a completely renewable AMERICAN resource
o Burn cleaner and longer and they're healthier for your loved ones and the environment
o Are poured in recycled containers obtained at Habitat for Humanity ReStores & hospital thrift shops
o Smell Great & their scent lasts until the last drop!

My candles are currently for sale on 4 different venues: Etsy, 1000 Markets, ShopHandMade & Artfire. Thank you again for visiting my blog.


Dawn said...

Just wanted to say, WELCOME TO BLOGLAND... I hope you have a happy time here and meet new friends as I have done... You and Max do a fantastic job (how nice that he helps)
I wish you all success.... xxx

Kitty said...

Awesome! It's so cool to hear all about what goes into each soy candle! I knew that soy was so much better than traditional candles, and handpoured by a person is always better than mass produced... but I never knew HOW much better the entire product was! Thanks for sharing, and I can't wait to get some!